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Nissan To Offer NISMO Off-Road Parts For Titan, Frontier, and Xterra

Off-road accessories including rugged bumpers, upgraded suspension, lighting, and wheels will all be available on Titan, Frontier, and Xterra models.

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Key Points:

1. Optional accessories will include Bilstein dampers, rugged front bumpers, Rigid lights, and stronger wheels.

2. Nissan will offer these NISMO parts for Titan and Frontier trucks, as well as the long gone Xterra SUV.

3. Pricing will be announced later this fall.


It's been a long time since the Nissan Frontier pickup truck has received any new features or styling, 15 years to be exact - these new parts may change that. Possibly as soon as later this fall, Nissan Titans, Frontiers, and even the old Xterra will be available with NISMO off-road parts. These packages - which we'll dive into later - will compete with the Ford Ranger performance packs and Toyota Tacoma TRD trim levels.

The Packages

Starting off with the suspension package, it includes upgraded Bilstein dampers, which have been tuned to withstand bigger tires and larger loads. This Bilstein suspension setup prevents heat buildup with remote reservoirs and increases off-roading capability with its available 2-inch lift.


Pricing has yet to be announced, we should expect to hear more from Nissan closer to when they go on sale later this fall.


Personally, I'm all for these off-road packs, I love the Ranger's recently added Tremor package and performance packs and Toyota's TRD parts and trims. These NISMO parts will be available to buy for 2005-2020, Frontiers, 2016-2021 Titans, and long lost 2005-2015 Xterras.

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Comments (4)

  • They haven’t made the Xterra for 10 years.

      29 days ago
    • The last model year it existed was 2015 (5 years).

        29 days ago
    • I was close. But my favorite years were the early 2000’s. That was actually my dream car growing up.

        29 days ago
  • Nice, i would buy that.

      29 days ago


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