N​issan unveils a Leaf-based emergency response prototype

T​he new car provides a mobile power supply to zones that have sustained damage from national disasters.

A​re you tired of being constantly humiliated by the fact that your country still uses Vauxhall Astras as police cars? Well it's good news, because Nissan has recently unveiled a prototype emergency response vehicle based on their Leaf EV!

Y​es, I know that a Leaf - or as it's called an RE-Leaf - still sounds underwhelming, but this is a very special version of Leaf, because it uses bi-directional charging, which means that it can provide electricity to areas that have been hit by natural disasters or blackouts.

N​issan has gone to great lengths to modify this car and ensure that it has the abillity to carry out its function; the car rides 70mm higher than the standard version in order to allow it to access roads that have sustained damage from obstructions such as fallen debris and the rear seats have been removed to create an enlarged storage area.

​Nissan's electric passenger cars boss Helen Perry has expressed satisfaction with the final product:

“Concepts like the RE-Leaf show the possible application of EVs in disaster management and demonstrate that smarter, cleaner technology can help save lives and provide greater resilience for the future.”

I​ must admit, although we don't have events such as earthquakes or forest fires here in the UK, this car could really come in handy in flooded towns, and I would love to see how emergency services would actually use these cars to bring power back to places that have suffered such disasters.

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Comments (16)

  • "Don't worry, emergency responders are en route... After they're done charging."

      7 months ago
  • tha car has not even enough power for itself...

      7 months ago
  • "Okay, I know its an emergency, but I cant go anywhere with an electric car with a flat battery now, can I. Dont worry, quick charge time is only 30 minutes, I'll be there soon, dont die yet please..."

      7 months ago
  • How wonderful, when a natural disaster hits it will take out the electricity and most likely these cars won’t be fully charged so that limits how many times they can go in and out of a situation. Nice concept but kinda poor thinking.

      7 months ago
  • I have been imagining this basic concept for the Tesla Semi. Load the trailer with solar panels and it could power a police station or emergency room indefinitely with its 1 MWh battery.

      7 months ago
    • A single thing hits the truck and it's kaput for the panels. Imagine what would happen in a hailstorm or something

        7 months ago
    • I have never seen the contents of a semi-trailer damaged by hail.

        7 months ago