Nissan warns that no Brexit deal will make its UK plant unsustainable

The company has warned the UK government about its future in Britain if a deal with EU is not reached.

The plant at Sunderland - the largest in the UK - employs 7,000 workers, but all that could change if the tariffs are increased, which would result in increased costs. With only 10 days left to secure a deal with EU, Chief Operating Officer of Nissan has warned that without a Brexit deal, the factory "will not be sustainable".

The company has also stated that they will not be seeking compensation from the UK for costs incurred from any no-deal Brexit, as Toyota are reportedly planning to do.

The Sunderland factory is an important asset of the company, since it's where the hideous Juke and LEAF are made. It's also where the Qashqai models are made, and the third-generation model of the car is the plant's bestselling car.

So, the British government has enough time to increase funding for the military, but they can't find a single time slot just to sort out the problem regarding Brexit, which will affect our economy in the years come. I think this has a lot to say about the government we voted for in 2019. Still, I would rather have BoJo than Corbyn.

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Comments (3)

  • Thought Nissan were leaving the european market anyway, and this is just the excuse they are using?

      2 months ago
  • The Free Market shall decide what is and what isn't, needed.

      2 months ago
  • Johnson is not there to serve the good people of the UK.

    The good people of the UK are there to serve the great Johnson.

      2 months ago