Nissan Z Proto, Bugatti being sold to Rimac, Electric Ford F-150: DriveTriber Talks Podcast #012

There will be a special-edition podcast coming out Sunday!

As I'm sure you know, the podcast typically goes live on Friday, but given all the latest car news, this week's podcast will be live TOMORROW (Sunday at 12AM EST)!

Make sure you tune in to hear our thoughts on Rimac acquiring Bugatti, the Nissan Z Proto, an all-electric Ford F-150, and plenty of non-automotive banter.

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Comments (4)

  • Make sure you listen in tomorrow! You can find us anywhere you find podcasts, and of course, YouTube!


      1 month ago
  • And be warned. It's a bit more of a matured audience. So viewer discretion is advised.

      1 month ago


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