NJ Honda Dealer Totally Isn't Marking Up The Civic Type R

They're just providing great service

4y ago

Psyche. We all know why they're called stealerships. Since it's frowned upon (at the least) to apply hefty markups on a hot new car just to cash in, many dealerships have found "clever" workarounds for this obstacle.

One such dealership is Hamilton Honda in New Jersey. The new Type R is great and all, but $47,463 great? You tell me.

That's right, they have marked up the hot hatch by an astonishing $12,708 by adding on "equipment and dealer adds" such as a $630 car cover, $650 for "console-illuminated," $1,995 GuidePoint, and a protection plan at $3,350.

Ideally, potential customers would simply take their money elsewhere or wait for the dealer to come down to a more reasonable price, but that's not always how our wonderful free market works. Though an end on the ban on auto manufacturer-direct sales to consumers would put some heat on dealers like this. I just hope some poor fool who hasn't done his research doesn't stroll in and sign up for $12,000 more in debt than he needs to.

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Comments (28)

  • If you pay 50 grand for a Honda you should probably just shred your man card. That shit is VOID. A used NSX is your only out. 50 damn grand? Gtfoh. I would buy a good Grand Marquis and put 40 grand into it before I did that. Think....sleeper S class. OR you could buy 10 crown vics and have transportation for life. Or you could buy a damn lotus. I can't quit ranting over how STUPID this is. You could buy a truck AND a decent boat. Or a whole fleet of jetskis. Or a fucking education in how to not spend money like a quivering twat.

      4 years ago
  • why is there a ban on direct customer selling in US, i think it is not fair at all.

      4 years ago
  • I though that this kind of dealer only existed in Brazil. ...

      4 years ago
    • Na, there are lots of them in the States. Not even the hot cars, dealers try to add on things such as polymer coatings and so on. Car dealers in the States are the worst.

        4 years ago
  • I misread that at first. "Pointless dent repair"

      4 years ago
  • You can get a V8 with more horsepower with that kind of money

      4 years ago
    • You can also buy a pile of manure with that kind of money. Doesn't mean we want it.

        4 years ago
    • People buy piles of manure all the time for many reasons. The outcome of those purchases are far more valuable than any civic

        4 years ago