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NLCR Review 1 - 2021 Infiniti Q60

A short perspective from experience with my Q60.

9w ago

The Q60 is a sports coupe made by the luxury Japanese manufacturer, Infiniti. I purchased a Q60 LUXE back in September so I've owned it for a month, managing to get 1,500 miles on it.


The exterior of the Q60 is absolutely gorgeous. Sharp lights, well-designed body, and elegantly crafted. The two huge exhausts at the back give it a sporty coupe look they were going for. Infiniti even managed to add the special window tip, like every other Infiniti. Not to mention, the 19-inch wheels look perfect with almost any color.


The Infiniti Q60 comes standard with a V6 3.0t Twin-turbo in every trim level. The engine has an amazing sound and coldstart. when accelerating the car, you get sporty engine noise from the powerful V6 the car has. the car doesn't come with 3.7t like some other models. 0-60 ranges from 3-5 seconds. Quite perfect for a luxury coupe.


The Q60 has a quite outdated interior, but with much more technology advancements. The new Q60 comes with comfortable bucket seats for a more comfortable ride aswell. The car comes with a white or black interior option when buying. The black interior comes standard while the white interior is a bit more pricy. Features include heated seats, temperature control, heated steering, driving assist, cruise control, dual heating, automatic wipers, Sport mode, snow mode, eco mode, automatic sunroof, two touchscreens, automatic seat moving, Bluetooth, google maps, and more.


The Q60 is overall an amazing car with great technology and style. with a starting MSRP of 41,000, I would gladly buy this vehicle, as long as you like relaxing sports coupes of course. The car comes in trim levels of STANDARD, LUXE, and RED SPORT 400

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