N​o Baloney: Custom Tyco/ Lesney '48 Maserati 4CLT "San Remo" Voiturette Racer

F​rom underwhelming "Matchbox Originals" historic reproduction, to scale model.

S​tarting point

S​tarting point

I started with this older copy of a Lesney regular wheel Maserati 4CLT. I took out the driver figure, made a seat & adapted a steering wheel, detampoed the race number "meatball" circle, added a set of parts-bin wheels/tires/axles suited to hillclimbs and earthen/sand tracks (both venues that the real car raced at around Europe in the 40s/50s), detailed the grille, hood louvers, steering wheel, hood handles, and trim around the cockpit, and fitted it back together. The paint is 25-30+ year old original.

T​hese cars were driven in numerous classes of racing, including beach races, hillclimbs, voiturette-class racing, and even early Formula One, in the 1940s into 1960s, stayed competitive for a long time compared to its rivals, and the likes of Juan Manuel Fangio & Tazio Nuvolari drove these in real life.

A​bove is an article with exhaustive detail about the real car.

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