- A Big Truck!

NO! Big cars doesn't mean were compensating for lacking manhood!

46w ago


"Haha! Look at that big truck, SORRY ABOUT YOUR D*CK BRO!" - Every Prius Driver Ever!

I was never very good at biology. In fact I once mistook "Metabolism" with "Metamorphosis", Mrs. Engledow my Grade 12 Teacher wasn't very pleased. There are however 3 things in life that I am certain of! Spain is the capital of Africa and the size of your car has nothing to do with the size of your eggplant emoji!

Unless the people that claim otherwise, are saying that my aunt has a tiny weewee, she drives a big old pickup and has two sons.

I'm unsure where this weird stigma came from. Perhaps from people that we're riddled with jealousy, as it isn't something reserved solely for owners of "MUH PICKUP" but also of owners of Fast Cars.

I have heard countless people - mostly ones that lose races, make fun of the winner with the faster car, for lacking length of their Dr. Johnson. This seems to motivate the loser that they have some kind of advantage over the other person.

You don't, and unless you follow them to the gym, peek at them in the showers, take photos for conclusive evidence, make a case and then present it to them in writing, "sorry about your d*ck bro" only makes you look like a d*ck.

So let's analyze this phenomenon, puts on glasses.

A long long time ago, when people were still using something called "yahoo.com", big trucks and fast cars were associated with people that abused steroids, and looked like they had been left in the oven too long.

As we all know, an unfortunate side effect of steroid abuse, is the fact that it makes your one eyed snake look like you just got out of an ice cold bath - permanently.

Since then, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives of these men have told the world of the struggles that they had to overcome during their time with the orange people.

Unfortunately that stigma has stuck to us non ice bath-ey people too, but it is one we need to get rid of asap.

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