No competition.

The fun without the rivalry.

In these islands, in the middle of the Atlantic, we have our own drift scene.

Twice a year, some public roads are closed to allow car enthusiasts have their moment of adrenaline in a legal way. Because yes, every month we have tarmac rallyes but, do you know how expensive it is to enter a rally stage? Even before starting to race... The homologations, taxes...

But, with drifting... Oh boy, that's another story. As there is no "Drift Association", there is no competetition, so, there are no rules. For rally, you car has to be street legal and homologated. For drifting? Nono. So you find yourself with a white canvas to create a car (And actually this gave me an idea for a project car... Stay tuned).

That gives you some interesting machinery, like that E30 with a BMW's V8 in it... With a full fiber widebody, resembling the M3 Evolutione. That would never, ever, ever, would have been homolagated here as a car because... Well, Spain's laws.

Outside the cars, where you can actually feel the lack of tension between the drivers. They are not competing. They don't have to go against each other. There is no prize. Just fun, tyre smoke and driving. A lot of driving.

Have a glance to the action:

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