No #Martini no #Party - #Porsche #917

There's only few #Liveries that can look so good on almost every vehicle: the Martini is for sure among these.

3y ago

In the previous article about the Monza Historic we focused on the less-known color schemes of some racing cars and how they could influence some of our current or future projet (and how important they've been in our recent past).

I said that for a true petrolhead is better to discover some rare paintjob that keeping on enhancing the most iconic ones that everybody knows and everybody uses.

But it's impossible not to be touched by the magnificent impact of a 1971 Porsche 917k in the Martini colors. This one is from the 1971 and took part to the Daytona 24h with Gijs van Lennep and Vic Elford behind the wheel.

Instead of the usually white base we're used to see in other cars (Lancia Beta Montecarlo, Lancia Delta, Lancia Lc2 and 037, Williams, Porsche 935 and 936, Brabham BT44) this 917 is covered in a classy silver grey that emphatize the curves of the body.

Contrary to other graphics this time the blue-skyblue-red martini stripes have a pretty basic layout, straight from the front to the back, giving even more sense of speed.

Other versions of this car will feature a white base but i think this is a more elegant approach

If you're wondering how the 917 manages to look so sleek anf beautiful it's also thanks to its perfect proportions, with super-low and aerodynamic cockpit: that's why you haven't so much space for yourself in it!

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