No Mercy

A Triumph Bonneville born to race and pop wheelies

1y ago

This bike arrived in our stable not in stock trim but as a modified model: the owner, Tommaso, had just added some extra bits, especially on the performance side.

Displacement had been increased to 904 cc from the original 790, the heads had gone through some milling to increase compression and a one-off Mass exhaust with a very cartoonish trumpet-muffler was added.

The body featured a shorter tail section, a smaller resin fuel tank and some other modifies to remove a number of "unnecessary" parts. But he wanted us to transform completely the style of his Triumph and trust me, it wasn't an easy task.

Being a graphic designer like me Tommaso had more or less 1000 ideas on how to twist his bike and my role was to put everything together and make it work.

On the mechanical part the main change has been the introduction of two massive and wonderful Keihin FCR 39. The body instead has been completely re-designed.

Starting from the front we added a custom made plastic fairing: the base came from an RGV 500 Suzuki mold but it has been diffusely rebuilt to have a minimal front section and accomodate the rotation of the large handlebar.

A single round headlight has been added through a custom aluminum structure linked to the fairing with bolts. It's not placed in the center but slightly on th left to leave room for a white number plate. You can also notice the two small aluminum intakes on the sides.

The fuel tank and the whole fuel system is probably the most important part of the whole project. Tommaso aimed for an "hot rod" look so we had to "translate" this desire into metal.

We opted for a 3-section unit with a taller central part e two lateral areas. The design is based on straight lines and rounded edges. The left side is bigger to accomodate more fuel while the right side is separated from the rest of the tank to be filled with "special" mixtures of racing fuel.

You can notice it by the insividual transaprent cap. You can choose which fuel to use by switching the two taps underneath the tank. In the upper side we even found some space to include the whole instruments panel and its switches. I think they really look cool in the dark!

We cut the fairing in order to leave some space to enjoy the gorgeous carbs section. You can also see an oil temp gauge bolted directly on the carter.

To increase the range we provided an auxiliary fuel tank on the left side: an elctric fuel pump that can be switched on/off brings petrol from the side to the main tank when it's empty. You can't imagine how many fuel lines and breathers are hidden under the saddle and behind the body panels...

On the right side you can find a small shell perfectly simetric to the auxiliary fuel tank but this time it works as an air intake for the double sponge air filters.

The rear section needed the stock frame to be modified, shortened and lifted. Its lines are equal to the ones you find on the fuel tank and the inspiration comes from flat track racing.

Cristian as usual mastered the leather work with a one off super-slim saddle with an horizontally shaped texture.

When Tommaso is riding with no passenger the second seat can be covered with an aluminum cover to make the tail a bit sportier.

A minimal but super-powerful led stripe lights the rear end. I really like its minimal impact and its sci-fi allure!

The Triumph was just equipped with an additional yellow headlight on the lower side and we left it exactly where it was. Just in case this bike hasn't enough character!

The paintjob has been suggested by Tommaso himslef after a bunch of renders and tests. The bike is called "No Mercy" to underline its racing soul. I must confess i would have gone a different way for the fairing and the livery but the most important thing is to satisfy the owner's will.

In this photos the bike has just been put together, soon it will be upgraded with stickers and graphics. stay tuned!

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