No more silverstone. Perhaps London?

With silverstone's british gp contract ending in 2019, who will host the british gp for 2020?

3y ago

If you haven't heard, Silverstone will be ending its F1 contract in 2019. As of right now, the British Gp does not have a host for 2020. The Silverstone GP track has been in formula 1 for over 67 years and was one of the very first to ever host a F1 Grand Prix. Unfortunately the tracks owner (s) BRDC, has had to cancel its contract with F1. They announced they have had substantial losses in recent years amounting up to £2.8m in 2015 and £4.8m in 2016. Chairman of BRDC John Grant has said "We have reached the tipping point where we can no longer let our passion for the sport rule our heads".

So, where to next?

Well, a few names have been suggested such as Brands Hatch. But a more likely street circuit through London seems like a bigger possibility. A street circuit has been purposed as F1's new owners Liberty Media want to bring F1 more to the cities. The street circuit would speed past some of London's major tourist attractions, such as Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and the River Thames.

The drives seem to like the idea and it really would be a fresh innocent new track. The only part of this purposed track which could not possibly work would have to be the Admiralty Arch. There is no way the FIA would allow such a dangerous section of track. WTF1 youtube channel has created a great video all about the dynamics of the track.

From a fans perspective, I personally don't like the Arch section even if the FIA would approve it. But other then that, it is an amazing track. The GP weekend would gather thousands of fans and you could definitely catch me there. How about you?

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  • London but I don't think it will have the pit straight on any of the landmarks just a normal street with some extra space

      3 years ago
    • Yeah you are right, but I'm pretty sure it would be the road that leads to Buckingham palace. I don't know what it is called, I'm not from london. 🙂

        3 years ago