- A throwback to the good old days when Lamborghini did what they do best, be themselves.

No no no. Stick to the stuff you know

Who knew the choice of watching High School Musical at a recent sleepover could come in so handy for the title of this article. The HSM reference continues at the end of the article. (Yes, High School Musical is still enjoyable for 18yr old males)

A disconcerting move was made by the company I so hugely adore and it also made me rethink my stance on the company.

Lamborghini- Ever since I was a mumbling toddler, this company had me mesmerized with their flamboyant ways and their relentless pursuit of speed and acceleration, handling was the last priority back in the day. If there was an apocalypse and only one company was left, I hope it would be Lamborghini. This company and its cars give me inspiration, it gives my life direction. I have an inexplicable bond with this company. Their story, their values and their cars have had me spellbound for as long as I can remember.

As a radical Lamborghini fan, it has been a rough couple of months. First we had the Terzo Millenio but at least that is still a supercar of some sort (I have already overcome the fact that is electric). The next curveball that Lambo threw was in the form of their new super sports SUV- the Urus.

In typical Lambo fashion the concept and the idea was crazy but was even more unimaginable was simply the thought of having an SUV bearing the famous golden bull shield on the front.

Credit- Netcarshow.com

The above image is what the car was supposed to look like when the idea was proposed. The car looked sharp, it was performance focused and luxurious at the same time. It was also supposed to handle very well.

The above image depicts what the actual car will look like. Less sharp but very performance orientated and it has almost supercar like handling. So then what's wrong you ask? The Lambo recipe is there but it's just presented in a different bowl. Well, the issue at hand is bigger than that.

Just to give you an idea of how good this SUV is, let me just inform you of the stats-

Engine- Twin-turbo 4.0L V8, Power- 641bhp, 0-100 time- 3.6sec, top speed- 190mph.

The fact that a four wheel drive SUV can achieve these sort of figures is just mind- boggling.

The Lamborghini Reventon

However, in times like these where SUV sales are booming, this seems like a move from the Volkswagen group to turn Lamborghini into their latest cash cow. No matter how hard Lambo try to prove that they have made impossible....possible, it can only be seen as a lucrative move from their parent company in these times. In a world where money talks, it seems like certain entities have lost the values that they used to identify themselves by.

As most of you will know, I am a massive football (soccer fan) and the scenario is similar there. Going back more than 15 years, it wasn't uncommon for a player to stay at one club for more than 5-8 years, many players even managed more than 10 years. This was all down to the pride that they had when they put on their club's shirt whereas nowadays players are looking for the next big payday.

The iconic Countach, the poster car for young petrolheads in the 70s which still commands a presence today.

So far Porsche, Jaguar, Maserati and Bentley have all released SUVs with Ferrari and Rolls Royce planning on following suit. Barring Ferrari, these are all luxury car makers, they put their luxurious touch on whatever catches their customers eye. But Lambo is different and that is why we have grown so fond of them, they were never bothered by what others did, they went about pushing their own limits and boundaries which more often than not gave them great rewards. They always made the best supercars and the quirkiest too. Lambo have held the record for fastest production car many times in their history and now they hold they will hold the record for the fastest SUV once the Urus is available for purchase. The thought of having a Lambo that can fit a family of 4 and carry your kayaks, skiis and whatnot just seems alien. It almost seems wrong. Marrying the performance that Lamborghini offers with the practicality of an SUV just doesn't seem like a matchmade in heaven, maybe it will turn out to be like a hollywood celeb's marriage, glamorous initially but then it doesn't really last that long.

The RWD Huracan, proof that somewhere in the VW group a company still exists that has the ability to capture my heart.

The lambo recipe is there, it's just presented in a different bowl

Mattheus D'souzaus-2017

Then there's the other major issue, yes there is still a major issue apart from the fact that it is an SUV and it is a money making entity. The other shocker was that for the very first time in this history of the company there will be a ....................(drum roll).............................................................................................turbo charged Lamborghini. Yes it is official, the Urus will have a twin turbo V8 engine producing a colossal 641bhp. While Ferrari made the move over to the dark side a while back, they are Ferrari- moving with the times is sort of their thing. The scenario with Lamborghini is different, all along they have made outlandish supercars, that look and feel flamboyant on city roads but when you put your foot to the floor, the car will just blitz past its rivals. Such was the reputation that Lamborghini had, their cars were feared just like the bull that adorns their logo. Worse still, rumor has it that a hybrid version is in the pipeline as well!

il Padrino- The Godfather of the modern day supercar, the Lamborghini Miura.

While some may cite the LM002 as the original Lambo SUV, it simply wasn't. It was a purpose built military vehicle that never took off because the cost was too high, today it is a collectors item. The Urus is meant to be a practical SUV for the affluent family, it is anything but a purpose built hardcore off road vehicle. It is the ultimate Chelsea tractor. People like football players who generally have no taste in cars but lots of money will start to buy this instead of a Range Rover or Merc G wagon. It will then become looked down upon and the Lamborghini brand that was so painstakingly established by Ferruccio Lamborghini all those years ago will start to crumble. A tear comes to my eye as I write this but the fact of the matter is one bad apple could spoil the entire basket. Soon Lamborghini will be remembered for what they were not what they are, the thought of this breaks my heart so please Lamborghini and the VW boffins who now control you, think this through.

Think it through for the sake of the brand's image, for the sake of the company's history and for the sake of all those future petrolheads who will not want to have a Lamborghini poster on their wall simply because there is an SUV out there that bears its name.

DISCLAIMER- I will continue to revere Lamborghini as I have been doing

But whenever the topic of the Urus comes up at a gathering of petrolheads, I will take that as my cue to leave. For those of you who have read this far, I have two songs that sum up my advice and pleas to Lamborghini.

Please Lamborghini, I want you back for good.

High School Musical can teach us a thing or two.

Thanks for reading!

All the images barring two which are mine belong to their owners and I meant no harm using them here. Words by Matthew D'souza.

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