No Series 12 in 2019

Doctor Who will not return with series 12 in 2019; instead leaving the series until 2020.

2y ago

It was confirmed by the BBC on December 9th that Jodie Whittaker wont return to the TARDIS for another series until 2020 meaning that the only episode of Doctor Who that the fans of the show will receive will be that of the New Year's Day episode entitled Resolution.

Chris Chibnall has said that work on Series 12 has already begun adding that the team could not wait to bring more Scares and more monsters when the series returns in 2020.

Lizo Mzimba, the BBC's entertainment correspondent, said while there was "a recognition that fans might want a series every single year, Doctor Who has almost uniquely complex filming requirements and a lengthy post-production period".

He added that the New Year's Day episode could have been planned so that 2019 "won't be a totally Doctor Who-free year".

The episode on 1 January marks a change in Christmas tradition, as it will be the first time Doctor Who hasn't been shown on Christmas Day.

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