No sleeping around this evil Sandman

A very popular variant of the Holden HQ range was the Panel Van, used widely by tradesmen as it provided a huge cargo space with security not available in a ute or tray-top.

Some bright spark at General Motors Holdens identified a niche market for Surfies to carry their boards around, and the Sandman was born!

Holdens had spawned a bit of a monster. Sales quickly boomed as young people started building extravagant padded rooms into the cargo space, applying bright paint and graphics, and having a mobile home in which to entertain the laaaadeeees!

Affectionately known as "Shaggin' Wagins", these new expressions of self were almost universally hated by fathers of teenage daughters throughout Australia!

Available with the current range of Aussie-built power - 173ci and 202ci in-line 6's, and 253 and 308 V8's there was a Sandman for everyone!

One nasty little trick was that if you missed ticking the engine option box on the order form you ended up with the 173ci 6 cylinder, to the GREAT disappointment of a friend of mine - who nonetheless spent many $$$$ and expounded mucho effort on decking the back out to attract a mate of the opposite species :)

You don't see many Sandman's around these days, so this fantastic example was a bit of a surprise, and a very pleasant one. I did enjoy capturing a few shots - and I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Photographed at Coffee 'n' Chrome Morphettville, South Australia - January 2019