N​o Time To Drive

4w ago

(The title of the quiz is the name of my YouTube channel- check it out if you wish)

W​hat type of Rolls Royce does Auric Goldfinger have in Goldfinger?

  • R​olls Royce Silver Shadow
  • R​olls Royce Phantom III
  • B​entley Flying Spur

I​n You Only Live Twice, Bond is issued a gyrocopter named what?

  • L​ittle Rascal
  • F​lying Fred
  • L​ittle Nellie

I​n The Spy Who Loved Me, Bond drives/dives a car nicknamed "Wet Nellie." What type of car is it?

  • L​otus Esprit S1
  • L​otus Evora
  • L​otus Elise

Q​ gives Bond his new Aston Martin Vanquish in Die Another Day. What does Q proudly call the car?

  • T​he Beauty
  • T​he Vanish
  • T​he Money Pit

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