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Bucket list Two seater Coupé, bought during very early fatherhood. Impracticality and huge amounts of fun ensuEs.

4y ago

When my first son was born I owned a very lovely Interlagos over Champagne Z4M Coupé. It was a second car, but after a few years of BMW straight six ownership, panic set in and I sold it telling myself it was the right thing to do and if I was to have a toy then it needed to accommodate at least three passengers. My plan involved all of my savings and a 335i MSport saloon.

That move last around 90 days. Boredom set in as I slowly began to realise that owning a second car meant impracticality. It meant not knowing who was going to come along for the ride but the ride would indeed happen regardless. I was a broken man. Selling the Z4M had been a mistake and I was adrift, with just the family Mk4 Golf auto for cold comfort.

Fast forward a few years and a short lived, mistakenly bought Sepang Bronze Z4M Roadster later I decided enough was enough. Time to look at the bucket list.

Now my list isn't full of exotica or the unobtainable. It features old 70s Japanese coupés and 80s rides with pop-up lights. But my Bavarian addiction had grown and was strong enough to point me towards the unusual, the quirky, the Z3M Coupé.

After trawling the usual sites and forums I found one in the April of 2013. A 1998 launch year S50 press car with heaps of history and pages of feature magazine articles, I was hooked. A test drive on the C roads of Oxfordshire was enough to tell me it was a done deal and I fumbled my best poker face before doing the deal.

Driving home to London was incredible; I actually had people slowing down on the motorway to drive next to me and stare at the car. She's not perfect but she wears her patina well and once I'd upgraded the ARBs and replaced the sticky throttle cable the years rolled off of her.

Today I am a father of two but this time the car is staying. With just 76k miles on the clock, when I do get out for a blast the smile appears from the moment I first see her and stays until well after she's out of sight.

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