- Entering BrĂ¼nnchen at BTG-Trackday on Monday 16.10.17

Nordschleife Trackday

For the first time this year, I took the Alfa 75 Racecar on track. I attended the BTG Trackday hosted by Circuit Days.

4y ago

Beeing almost halfway through October we were lucky with the weather, especially for the Nordschleife area. The sun was shining and the racing line was getting more dry every hour. After braking in the new brakepads and discs after a few laps the car was ready to go for some fast laps. Not driving the car for almost 10 months, it took some time to get used to the long transaxle gearshifts. Luckily the track was opened most of the time and overall there were very few cars on track. Overall I managed to go for 20 laps wich equals to round a bout 420 km.

I recorded the laps with a GoPro mounted to the windscreen which was connected to Harry's Laptimer App on the iPhone. The video shows my "fastest" lap of the day with 9:47 min for a full lap of Nordschleife. To get a good GPS signal I used an external GPS receiver. The lap was done with a passenger. The car runs on semislicks and has 157 hoursepower, furthermore it is fully stripped out and has a racing cage. Brakes are Ferodo DS 2500. It was the first time driving the car after changing all glass windows beside the frontscreen with lightweight lexan windows. Additionally I removed weight by cutting some useless metal parts inside the doors, bonnet and trunk. The weight saving process can be seen on my Tribe. The car is build to drive the Nordschleife, although it lacks some power in the uphill parts especially Bergwerk. Furthermore I am still learning to drive the Nordschleife, the car obviously is capable of better lap times than I did. Analyzing the videos I try to be faster next time.

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