North India is crashing more than ever.

The adverse affect of smog on #Indian highways.

3y ago

Smog is engulfing the air in northern India. Schools are being shut, advice to restrict outdoor activity is being floated and air purifying plants are being marketed by Amazon. But no one seems to be concerned about sending out driving tips and as a result this is what is happening.

Due to lack of visibility, people are crashing into one another and this off course is not a good thing. Imagine pilots while flying are taking so much precaution even when they have the ATC to help them make their way. We as drivers to have a responsibility towards our cars and fellow motorists. So this is what we need to do, lets make a vow to drive slow even on high-speed expressways, lets maintain safe distance and not indulge in petty street races for everyone's safety. Also, I know it might be too much to ask for but lets not use our cars for a while and reduce carbon emissions, at least till the air clears a bit.


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