Norton 650 'Urban Tracker' coming in 2018

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      3y ago


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      The guys at Norton have come in for a bit of stick lately over their ultra exclusive V4RR and SS models, which are priced at £28k and £44k respectively. It's a favourite brand with British consumers and it's safe to say both models are outside the budgets of most average bike buyers.

      2018 Urban Tracker model with luggage attached

      2018 Urban Tracker model with luggage attached

      Their answer to this is the 2018 'Urban Tracker' concept, which features a new twin-cylinder 650cc engine at its heart.

      This new model comes on the back of Norton's new Indian manufacturing deal.

      Specifics on the new 650 machine are scant at present, however we'll bring you more details about this new model when we get them!

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      • I'm not convinced Garner is interested in selling motorcycles or in the motorcycle industry on the whole. These new Norton bikes look and function like motorcycles, and look really good, but they are collectors' items for a few wealthy that managed to get their signatures in early enough. Pricey limited edition ornaments to put in your big-boy man-cave until they appreciate. Nothing wrong with it if that's what you want to sell but don't pretend you're interested in selling bikes.

          3 years ago
        • As a business owner, I think he's more interested in making money - and there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever. There have been plenty of British bike (and car) companies that have gone down the hole (including Norton) and he knows what...

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            3 years ago
        • Shaun, we’re in complete agreement and I’m sure as a business Norton will do great, already proven by having sold out of everything they’ve made so far. This one will do well, too, I’m certain.

          But Norton’s business is not in the motorbike...

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            3 years ago
      • Am i the only one to notice there´s something wrong with this image?

          3 years ago


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