- The Norton Classic ( Photo Credits : www.cmmilanese.it )


43w ago


In 1974 the German company Hercules decided to experiment with a new motorized vehicle with a Wankel rotary propeller. This model, called W2000, had huge differences with other motorcycles. The most notable specifics were: the low vibrations generated by the engine, the low emissions, the easy maintenance, its lightness due to the few components used. Not to mention the greater power that could be used compared to piston engines of equal displacement.

The Hercules W2000 ( Photo Credits : www.wikimedia.org )

The license of this project was granted to David Garside, a british designer, who used it from 1982 as base engine on various motorcycles produced by Norton for the British police.

The Norton Interpol 2 ( Photo Credist : www.wikimedia.com )

It's not until 1987 that the public had the chance to test the excellent qualities of handling and sweetness of the two-cylinder engine, virtually vibration-free of the Norton Classic.

The latter used the 588 cc air-cooled twin-rotor engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox. This compact engine was attached to a tubular beam frame with Marzocchi front suspension and Koni rear shock absorbers.

The Wankel Engine ( Photo Credits : www.silodrome.com

The three-disc braking system was supplied by the Italian Brembo. With a maximum power of 79 hp, the performance of the Classic was at the level of contemporary Japanese 600cc. Conceived as Limited Edition -Norton produced only 105 specimens (Five others were produced but not put up for sale.) - the Classic is today one of the most sought-after modern Nortons by collectors.

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