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Not all things electric have to be dull 🚗🚗
(Warning: this article is slightly opinionated⚠️⚠️)

Yes I know, it now seems now clear that the era of the internal combustion engine is slowly and unfortunately coming to an end. All our beautiful and rather good- sounding cars will need to make way for the next generation of boring, vacuum sounding electric cars. Because most engineers today only consider the car as a transportation device it means they look unattractive and unexciting. Guessing most DT users are petrol heads like me, I hope you agree with my observation on the electric industry at the moment.

However, some have managed to break the trend and produce masterpieces that are just as fast as they are eye-catching. Take for example the new Pininfarina Battista- already with a name like that we know it’s going to look good.
The Battista mixes Pininfarina heritage with 1,900 bhp of electric power- that’s the most powerful road legal car ever to come out of Italy 🇮🇹, a country that’s produced its fair share of powerful cars.

Here are the statistics 📊:
. Thanks to a 120kWh lithium battery pack and an electric motor on each wheel, it produces approximately 1900 bhp and 1,697lb ft
. Zero to 62mph takes sub- two seconds
. 186mph in less than 12 seconds
. Range of 250-300 miles

And just look at that body - it is gorgeous. The design combined with instant tarmac-melting acceleration and huge power is magnificent.
Only there is one huge drawback- the price ( it’s approx. 2 million dollars!!). For that money you could get six Lamborghini Aventadors - so is it worth it??
I mean, if you have the money - why not?

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