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Me being myself, I spontaneously went out and bought myself my 6th car about a month ago. See, I have this habit of seeing something I want and just going for it. I was a week into sourcing my next drift car, something still a struggle to kick, but a little bigger than the MX-5 so I didn't always feel like I was in a go-kart. Lo and behold, I can across this Lexus IS200, with MOT, a running engine and a guy using it as his daily, at £280, where could I go wrong? A phone call to my friend and we were on our way to pick it up that night.

We arrived, and took a look around the car, had a nose in the engine bay, handed over the cash and committed to the hour drive home, which the car made pretty easily without a problem.

Filters work wonders.

A couple of days later, loving the fact I now had another RWD car, I took the car out for a quick spin, and low and behold, the engine started to overheat and wouldn't turn back over. After letting it cool down, I managed to limp the car back home and dump it outside my house before it completely overheated on me again.

A big order to Euro Car Parts (classy right?) for all service parts for the car, including cam belt, timing belt, filters, oils and everything else, I got my heart set on getting the car fixed. Being woken up by my best friend coming into my room, we set to taking the car apart preparing it for some love. Ripping out the interior, much to my parents' confusion of why I was dumping a full leather interior, and taking out most of the engine bay, we hit a block in the road when the crank pulley decided to stay put and the cam belt snapped clean in half.

Car selfies are a must.

Now the cars been sitting there waiting for someone to give her some love, and finally get the cam belt timed up properly before I can get her out onto the road and sideways!

Here's hoping the next couple of weeks she'll see the road, fly through her MOT and bring me some much-needed happiness.

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  • it will get there

    11 months ago
  • Water pump is a fairly common fail on these, but check the rad fan fuse as well if you haven’t already. I’ve seen a few go on older IS200s. Good buy though 😊 some of my best ever cars have been bought for less than £300!

    11 months ago
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    • Yeah, I bought the little fuse tester thing to check, just going to replace everything whilst we're there, rather than constantly taking it apart to change something else every...

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      11 months ago
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    • Good plan, prevention is better than cure etc blah blah..but its a Lexus and they're usually pretty bulletproof. There's something really satisfying about modding a cheap car...

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      11 months ago
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