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Not the family truckster

You could fit a whole family in back, but they wouldn't enjoy the ride.

4w ago

I'm pretty sure this is a surplus M35-series deuce and a half 2.5T cargo truck, with a plastic wastebasket standing in for a missing rain cap on the exhaust. Based on the fuel tank marking, this one has a regular diesel engine, not multi-fuel.

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Comments (5)

  • What exactly does one do with such a thing?

      30 days ago
    • This one is probably occasional farm and construction-ish work that is too big for a normal pickup. It can get in and out of a lot (6x6), but it's so heavy that in wet weather out there it would sink in to the mud and tear the ground up way too much...

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        30 days ago
    • I suppose. I remember seeing these with box truck upfits once and being totally baffled.

        30 days ago
  • Yeah it's a deuce, I'm in the MVPA. They bob them too, check out Boyce Equipment. Too big for my use, I'll keep my M37!


      1 month ago