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My husband has a polite way to describe my somewhat excitable nature when it comes to cars; he calls me ‘unique’. A more description would be ‘completely bonkers’ because in short I love cars, particularly modern fast cars, and above all Ferraris.

For about a year now I have been working on a little blog I called It’s an obvious play on words as most women, but not all, really don’t give a lot of thought to the car they drive or how it makes me feel. But not me, when I’m not being a fulltime mother and wife, I’m thinking about cars because I’m not your average bored housewife!

Most bored housewives I know spend their time either watching day time television or having coffee with friends and complaining about their husbands, who are usually hard at work so that they have the privilege of being a housewife.

I say privilege because in this day and age the need for two incomes in a household has become the norm to survive. So I believe being a stay at home mother is something of a luxury.

Like all would-be bloggers the greatest difficulty has been generating hits on my site. I wanted to create a place for other like-minded women who have a passion for cars to come together in one place. With the launch of DriveTribe and my wonderful opportunity of being a Tribe Leader I finally have the platform to spread my word from the highest mountain and find all those like me, Petrol mums!

What is a Petrol mum? Well as I’ve coined the term I’m going to define it here today for Wikipedia to quote from this day forth as ‘a mother who has a passion for cars’. The Dreamer (that's me by the way) will always be the original Petrol mum!

I’m a wife and mother of two young children. I’m old enough to know better than to have crazy dreams and to actually try and chase them. I should be content with the lot I have in life and carry on being the best housewife I can be.

But where is the fun in that? The way I see it, the moment you stop chasing your dreams is the moment your heart dies and all you remain is an empty shell of a person going through the same monotonous routine day in and day out.

So join me on this Magical Mystery Tour (I’m also a huge fan of The Beatles) that is DriveTribe. Safe driving my fellow Petrol mums.

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  • I am going to move this conversation over here!

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    • It looks like my feed is playing up. As I did not get the notification that you commented here until just now :)

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    • It did not take long last week for the system to go haywire! I was here this morning making sure you had a bit of a warning.

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  • You are welcome Petrol Mum! It is not a special favor but rather we have been running oldest to newest at small tribe alliance. You were there back on Nov 30 helping other tribes. This week you reached the 20 original posts necessary. It should be a lot of fun! Try and peek some time open on thurs for comments. That worked really well last week so we will try it again.


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