MKIV Toyota Supra SZ

If you’ve been following my adventures, you’ll know I’m in love with most high tech performance cars coming out of Japan – especially the RX7 (quite obvious), the Silvia, and the Toyota Supra. Something about sliding sideways…

So it’s no surprise I want to show you this beast: Scott’s MKIV Toyota Supra SZ. I met Scott in my car park. I needed help fitting new suspension on the RX7 and he came to the rescue. He helped me with the car, I baked him cake, we’ve been friends ever since.

Scott wanted an MKIV Supra ever since it was launched back in 1992. By 2003, Scott had finally saved up enough money to make his dream a reality. He opted for an imported 1995 naturally aspirated SZ in Super White paint.

Now, as you probably know, the Supra was built in two forms:
- Naturally Aspirated 3.0litre 2JZ-GE engine, 220bhp
- 2JZ-GTE with a pair of Garrett CT12b turbos, 326bhp

Needless to say Scott’s Supra didn’t get much love from Supra purists, claiming the NA is not “the real thing”. But he was determined to prove them wrong and to make his car even better than a TT. Sounds feasible. After all, the Supra is a seriously, seriously tuneable thing.

He was over the moon on his way back up from buying the car, until a Vauxhall Cavalier driver started to race him. Super confident, Scott went for it.

"I decided to blow him into the weeds with my 3.0litre power, but just as I was sailing by, the electronic speed limiter kicked in and the Cav went flying past. I didn’t realise Japanese imports were restricted to 112mph." (Scott - car friend)

Scott started working on the Supra right away, removing this silly speed restrictor, and adding some simple cosmetic mods: a pair of OEM sideskirts and rear spats, a Bomex front bumper, TRD wing vents, rear spoiler and carbon bonnet. Unfortunately, the Supra’s makeover didn’t stay that way for long…

"I was driving down the A38 one night when some kids threw a concrete block off of an overpass. The block hit the bonnet and front wing, and then went on to smash the windscreen and damage the roof." (Scott - still a car friend)

Gutted of course, Scott chose to convert the damaged front end to full TRD spec. The bonnet is also from TRD and is actually made from carbon.

This is how the car looks right now. Lots of Supras got tortured after the 2001 Fast&Furious movie, so I find it quite refreshing to feature this tastefully modified one. I particularly like the way the OEM side skirts and rear spats blend in with the TRD parts, it’s pretty well done.

The Dotz GT-R wheels come in 19″ and are wrapped in 245 width at the front and 275 at the back. Front brakes are a one off custom Caparo AP conversion, you’ll find a UK two piston upgrade at the back, and Goodrich stainless steel braided brake lines all round.

Sure it looks great but performance wise, there was definitely room for improvement.

Scott built his NA-T conversion at home with the help from some friends. Car friends are definitely a must when you own such cars! They found the turbo, exhaust manifold and intercooler for sale on the MKIV Supra Owners Club forum and they formed the base of his conversion.

Spending about £1200 in total, much cheaper than the twin-turbo transplant everybody was suggesting (around £2500), proved to be quite a bargain considering his engine is now kicking out 374bhp and 404Nm of torque at 6pst of boost.

The car is now pretty much done, it looks awesome and is an absolute pleasure to drive. And I’m not one to say “I told you so” (that’s a lie, that’s totally me) but as promised, it easily beats stock 2JZ-GTE’s. Full of win :D

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  • Great article :)

    This the reasons for buying my NA MKIV to be different from the other Supra purist

      4 years ago