I pURCHASED A CAMERA AND POSTED ON AN Internet forum popular with classic car enthusiasts, AND THAT'S WHERE MY JOURNEY STARTED.

4y ago

It was around October time in 2014 when I found myself browsing the internet for a Digital SLR camera. I didn't really know what I wanted it for but I had £500 burning a hole in my pocket and this seemed as good an idea as any!

I'd had a Digital SLR before, it was handed down to me by my dad many year ago. But I never really used it and I ended up selling it on to fund a lads holiday to Ibiza! (Much to my dads disappointment!) This had taught me the basics but I couldn't say I was confident using an DSLR.

Eventually, after several days of research, I ordered something and the next day, I had my new camera! I found myself using it for about a month, never taking anything of any substance and eventually it got packed away and forgotten about. It wasn't until the summer of 2015 when the car show season started up again that I dug it out, dusted it off and started put it to use again.

Towards the end of 2015, I found myself really enjoying using my camera and photographing the cars i'd seen at shows and local events. I ended up putting some thought into what photography projects I wanted to run and what personal photography goals I want to achieve.

Having spent the last two years going to car shows and local meets with car groups and forums, I have met so many interesting people and I wanted to find a way of integrating that into some of my work.

I also wanted to take some inspiration from the likes of the 365 project to keep me focused on my target, but wanted something far less time dependent and demanding! With that in mind I decided to run my own project where I try to meet and interview the owners of cars that I find interesting, or are special in their own way and to provide anyone who will listen with an article about each and every one of them!

This eventually lead me to posting on an internet forum where the users weren't your a-typical classic enthusiasts. They like their cars fast, loud, well used and with a bit of character. You won't find many 'Garage queens' over on Retro Rides.

What you will find in the masses, are lots of old and quirky (and usually quite rusty) home grown interpretations of classics and these are what I was interested in. The initial post generated a lot of attention, a lot of people liked the idea of getting their pride and joy photographed for the price of a tank of petrol to get me there!

And that is where this tribe starts! I'll be carrying this project on and bringing you all the images and stories that I pick up along the way!

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