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In 2018 McLaren launched the Senna, one of its most extreme supercars dedicated to the famous Brazilian Formula 1 driver who conquered three world championships on board the British cars.

The car was built in only 500 copies and today the tuner Novitec has decided to offer its customers an extremely similar vehicle in terms of design and performance.

The German technicians have in fact created a limited series of 15 specimens of the McLaren 720S Spider specially enhanced to resemble the most performance Senna.

The 720S Spider, designed by Emilio Scervo and Robert Melville, has been in production since 2018 and represents the convertible version of the 760S, the second car built in Woking that is part of the "McLaren Super Series".

Based on a Monocage II-S chassis, the car is equipped with a 720 hp M840T V8 4.0 engine managed by a seven-speed SSG gearbox and combined with rear-wheel drive.

The variant created by Novitec has taken the project to the extreme by first introducing a new aerodynamic carbon fiber body kit inspired by the design of the Senna and new 20" Vossen alloy wheels.

The engine was then enhanced with the addition of a racing exhaust system and a remapped electronic control unit which allowed the power to increase to 794 hp with 878 Nm of torque.

Incredibly, the Novitec version offers better performance not only of the original 720S Spider but also of the Senna itself, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds (2.8 for the Senna and 2.9 for the 720S Spider) and a top speed of 346 km/h (341 km / h for both cars).


The work of the Novitec technicians is impressive and honestly I would be curious to see her challenge the Senna on the track, but what do you think?

Thank you to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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