Novitec has made the Ferrari 488 Pista just a bit more perfect

5w ago


How do you ever possibly improve something perfect? Just How? Well it seems the Germans have the answer to probably every question, so this one was not spared. Novitec, after giving us the knee-weakening Model 3, is now giving us all the goods with its Ferrari 488 Pista.

The Pista already reignites the feel good factor in life with its V8 and all the other nice bits. So when Novitec announced it is going to have a go at the Pista, many went running to their hideouts, but Novitec has managed the classiest of modifications.

Those little black hints on the exterior and 21in rubber up front, 22in at the rear coupled a 35mm ride drop mean that the 488-track special looks quite meaty. Novitec has kept it all subtle and not gone big hoodoo.

The power upgrades have also not had huge amounts of Proteins in a day. The standard 711bhp has risen to 791bhp, the 0-62mph time has slimmed from 2.85 to 2.70secs and the top speed has been given 3mph more, meaning 214mph puff in the 488 before it runs out of puff.

The little tickle that Novitec has done with the twin-turbo V8 is nothing for its standards but for us, it means many of our licenses are under great danger of staying away from us for quite some time. A nose-lift system is also available, so that you don't spoil the track-special.


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