Novitec has spruced up the Ferrari F8 Tributo and it looks magnificent

T​hose bronze wheels are certainly drool-worthy

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If Mansory is the most outlandish and outrageous luxury tuner shop from Germany, Novitec is its subtle and classy counterpart. Known for enhancing cars' performance from Italian and British marquees, Novitec has recently decided to spruce up a Ferrari. And the results are rather magnificent.

Being a tuner shop, the first thing you can expect them to tweak is the engine. And the upgrades injected by the tuner shop seems significant. Ferrari's standard 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 gets two plug-and-play N-Tronic engine modules, which when coupled with Novitec's performance exhausts boosts the power figures to 802hp and 898Nm of torques. That's an increase of 82hp and 128Nm over the standard car, resulting in the 0-100kph time of 2.6 seconds (shaving off 0.3 seconds) and a top speed exceeding 340kph (or 211mph).

The second aspect you expect a tuner shop to work upon is the looks. Novitec has added a host of cosmetic upgrades such as two-piece front splitter, a tweaked front bumper, new rocker panels and a spoiler on the rear. Everything can be had in naked carbon finish with high clear coat including the optional Novitec diffuser. And did I tell you about the multiple options available for the exhaust, including a gold-plated Inconel unit?

If the supercar seems lower than usual, its because its equipped with sport springs which lower the ride height by 35mm. Thankfully, Novitec has been considerate enough to have a front suspension lift on offer for tackling speed breakers without scraping the belly. The upside of lowering the car is better agility and wheels by Vossen filling the wheel wells. Especially at the rear as the front axle carries 21-inches wheels while the rear gets 22-inch rubbers. This particular model makes do with bronze alloys, which look oh so good, but clients will have another 71 colours to choose from.

The cabin is where Novitec hasn't bothered much as it leaves that option to be explored by the customer. The German tuner claims customers will have "countless options" to customise their interiors, with most popular offerings being premium leather and Alcantara. And you thought only luxury marques like Rolls Royce and Bentley allowed you to do so.

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