N​ovitec levels the tuned supercar playground with this 855hp McLaren 765LT

C​ustomers will face a tough choice - this or the 802hp Ferrari

9w ago

Just a fortnight ago, Novitec spruced up a 710hp Ferrari F8 Tributo by adding almost a 100hp via nothing but electronic tweaks. So, naturally, the competition also deserves some similar treatment to level the playing field, right? Hence, feast your eyes on the 855hp McLaren 765LT, thanks again to Novitec.

For non-Mclaren aficionados, it would be tough to figure out the cosmetic updates on this blacked-out stealth fighter on wheels. To make it simple, the German tuner shop has installed a roof scoop and an air-vented front bonnet, made of its supposed favourite lightweight material - naked carbon. The love affair for this compound continues around the headlights as well as the front air inlets.

Power output sees a significant bump of 90 horses and 98Nm of peak torque, courtesy of a plug & play Novitec N-Tronic auxiliary control unit which alters the engine’s ECU. However, mere software tweaks can’t be given the entire credit for this power boost. Aiding it is a thermally insulated Novitec Race high-performance exhaust system along with ceramic-coated turbo inlet pipes to produce an overall output of 855hp and 898Nm torques.

These mild modifications accompanied by lightweight strengthening components entail a 0-100kph time of 2.5 seconds against the standard 2.8. It takes 7 seconds for the standard car to do 0-200kph, but the Novitec-tuned unit shaves off half a second there. Top speed? 330kph for the standard car and “over 330kph” as claimed by people at Novitec.

Being a hardcore track-focused supercar, you’d expect it to sound like one too. Fortunately, Novitec furnishes the 765LT with a high-performance exhaust system made from Inconel, an alloy used in Formula 1. Plus, for some aesthetic appeal, customers can opt for a matte black, naked carbon or even a 999 fine-gold plated finish for the same.

Additionally, the Vossen-manufactured rims fitted within performance tires, 20-inch at the front and 21-inch for the rear, can be had in 72 different colours. And to extract maximum performance from those high-speed rubbers, this Novitec-unit gets sports springs and a lower ride height by 20mm for better agility around corners. Interior? Open to the customer’s imagination with leather and Alcantara at their disposal.

Now, the super-rich has a tough decision to make.

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