- The Model 3 by Novitec. Image credits: Novitec

Novitec makes the Model 3 interesting

We know that EVs are boring, yet they do the job of getting you from A to B in comfort, ease and if you are Dr. James May - in silence. Unfortunately, Tesla offers the car in 5 colours and two wheel patterns, which will make you see yourself in the street a few times and then you will get bored with look of your Model 3.

However, Novitec - the German aftermarket tuner has a way to make your Model 3 stand out in the crowd. Since, they have been modifying Model Ss and Xs, they have extended the product offerings to the Model S as well.

..aftermarket aero parts in Bare carbon..

Visually, the car will get functional aero upgrades and new 21 inch wheels. There are a few tweaks to the suspension and the cabin is not boring anymore. The biggest of the modifications is front lip, it offers a better look and while driving fast (if you have the performance version) it has a lesser front end lift, and thus improves your handling. You also get a new and wider rocker panel, a subtle Novitec lip spoiler on the rear and a diffuser, for more aggressive looks. All these parts you get in bare carbon - big plus.

The wheels are 21-inch Novitec NV2 five double-spoke alloy wheels. They are forged by Vossen Wheels, from Miami. There are two sets of Rims so that the spokes are in the correct direction on both the sides of the car and allows for better brake cooling. The wheels are available in 72 colours as well as brushed or polished finishing. This adding to your model 3 standing out a bit more.

The Wheels by Vossen. Image Credit: Vossen

...reduce power consumption by 7%...

For the suspension Novitec is offering a lowering springs that drops your Model 3 by 1.2 inches (30mm), sportier handling and even cool rolling around town, this will be done on Tesla’s stock shocks. If you don’t want the stock shocks, Novitec will offer you a sportier setup with adjustable sport suspension. This will drop your car 1.6 inches (40mm). With the ride height lowered, Novitec claims that the model 3 has lesser drag on a longer distance drive and can reduce power consumption by 7%, thus improving range. I say the aero will definitely contribute to a longer range.

For the interior Novitec will gladly retire you model 3’s interior to any colour of leather or alcantara faux suede you want. I would say get Alcantara because it is a lighter material.

I like the changes Novitec has for the model 3, it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, This may just be an interesting daily EV for you. This begs the question IS THE NOVITEC MODEL 3 AN INTERESTING EV? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS