Novitec's 488 Spider N-Largo packs 750bhp

Novitec N-Largo 488 Spider

4y ago

Novitec are back with a bang with their latest edition to the family - the 488 Spider N-Largo which now sits beside its hard top brother. The company is known to have an acquired taste that not everyone agrees with but they certainly add some drama to the cars.

The entire exterior of the car has been modified with a more aggressive front bumper, larger splitter, flared arches with added vents, enlarged side skirts, massive deep dish alloys, a rear bumper with a massive diffuser and a large fixed rear wing.

The kit isn't just for aesthetics. It also boosts the power from 650bhp to 750bhp from the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. Although no official performance figures have been released, we can imagine the 0-60mph and top speed have been slightly improved.

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