Novitec's Ferrari SF90 debuts with more carbon and more power

And more torque

Novitec is one of the world’s leading tuning companies and when I say “leading”, what I mean is they’re part of the elite group of tuners that take a car, modify it and when they’re done, the car isn’t ruined. In fact, it sometimes looks better and it always has more power. That’s the case with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

The standard 4-unit hybrid powertrain (= a twin-turbo V8 + 3 electric engines) now produces 1,033 hp (+33 hp) and 858 Nm (+58) thanks to the high-performance exhaust system and new catalysts. The SF90 will now accelerate from standstill to 60 in just 2.5 seconds, and top speed is 340 km/h (210 mph).

They say they’re working on a new “carbon aerodynamic-enhancement kit” and in the meantime, you get new Vossen 20- and 21-inch hi-tech forged wheels, available in 72 different colours including Bronzino Blue (pictured) and sport springs, which lower ride height by 30 mm at the front and by 25 mm at the rear axle.

Customers can choose from various versions of the exhaust system - with or without electronic sound management, made from carbon fibre or Inconel, a type of lightweight material that’s used to make the exhaust systems of Formula 1 cars.

Customers can pick virtually any colour for the exterior paint and the Alcantara interior. Price upon request.

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