Now there's another issue with the Tesla Model Y, Uff!

A video shows the rear right window of a Tesla Model Y shattering, almost supernaturally.

33w ago

Almost every manufacturer today incorporates a quality control department in the manufacturing factory. However, it seems that the department behind the production of the American EV manufacturer Tesla's Model Y isn't conscious about maintaining a specific level of quality.

After numerous bloopers about uneven panel gaps, blemished paint, tailgates that won't shut and the very recent predicament where the owner finds his newly bought Model Y's glass roof taking off completely, here is another instance where the model parked in its owner's garage has its rear right glass area shattered when there was no theft committed, as the video clearly portrays.

The owner says that his prized possession had been domiciling in his garage since March and had attained 15,000 miles (24,000 Km). He further says that the car hadn't been driven for almost 24 hours. He ends the video expressing his displeasure and dissatisfaction for Tesla brand.

There are some rumors being developed claiming that the car would have been subjected to an abnormal rise in temperature resulting in a high pressure build-up ultimately leading the glass area to collapse by its own. However, the outside temperature was just 70-degrees Fahrenheit (21-degrees Celsius) which means you can unequivocally debunk this myth.

What a comment on YouTube suggests has more to do with the faulty alignment of the door thereby, resulting in a pressure that the glass couldn't withstand hence, making it fall apart. If this happens to be true post parading the case, it would certainly tarnish Tesla's reputation as a 'high-quality EV maker' with several ready to thwart this misconception. The brand which has been doing economically well even in such trying times must fathom that there is life beyond profits and if the customers who have made the brand are subjected to such persecution, it wouldn't be long before the brand traversed a full circle.

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Comments (4)

  • I knew Tesla had build quality issues like dodgy chassis build and gaps between the panels etc.. i wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole. I’ll stick to Lexus and Toyota. At least i know it’s quality built.

      7 months ago
  • Cheap shit

      7 months ago
  • This is why I'll buy any other electric car in the world, as long as it isn't a Tesla

      7 months ago