Now you don't just read car books, you rev it!

Includes exhaust notes from Aston Martin DB6, Ferrari LaFerrai and even a Bugatti Chiron

2y ago

Erm...not exactly, but you can hear the cars being revved in this newly launched ‘The Sound Of Supercars’, a book incorporating audio clips of some of the world’s fastest, most exciting and most exclusive cars.

Apart from containing images and key facts like every other car book, this British publication even consists of some high-quality audio clip of the cars as it’s driven at high speed. Readers can press a corresponding ‘starter button’ present beside their facts and figures to experience a fraction of what these supercars have to offer.

Speaking of supercars, a total of 12 models are featured in this book ranging from a twin-cylinder Morgan 3-Wheeler to the 16-cylinder Bugatti Chiron. Contrasting exhaust notes can be found inside, from a growling Aston Martin DB6 against a howling Lamborghini Huracan V10, the burble from the Chevy Corvette V8 to a barking yet exclusive sound of the V12 in the Ferrari LaFerrari. Annoyingly, one spot got wasted as they even decided to include the ‘powerful electronic whirr of a Tesla Model S’.

It took a total of seven months to gather the resources along with designing and developing such a book, a first in print publication. It continues on the lines of wildlife sound books established by sister imprint Fine Feather Press.

Priced at £12.99 ($16.19), The Sound Of Supercars book will be available from the 15th of October at select bookshops or online retailers. If either of them doesn’t work for you, it even has a dedicated website: .

How about introducing these books in school curriculums?

Which supercar's exhaust note would you have preferred over the Tesla Model S?

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  • Pretty cool but I still like the Chevy vlock lawn mower

      2 years ago