Now your little one can ride in style thanks to Mercedes-AMG

Nobody saw this one coming from the German performance icons

43w ago

Many of us relate the 'AMG' badge to brutish, rear-wheel-drive German performance cars, but it turns out they have a softer side too.

Mercedes-Benz actually entered the stroller business two years ago in collaboration with Hartan, but have now expanded their stroller range with an official AMG offering.

Sadly, the AMG version does not come with a roaring great V8 for high-octane shopping trips, but it does have a number of upgrades over their standard 'Avantgarde' series.

The AMG version has 'high-quality rims' designed to mirror the original AMG cross-spoke design, along with a Micofaser Dinamica seat cover that is available in either black or graphite depending on your preference.

The multi-stage reclining backrest, retractable canopy, and reversible seat are all features of the new AMG stroller, along with dedicated suspension for your child's comfort on even the roughest of surfaces.

Thankfully for those of you with compact cars such as the AMG A45, the stroller folds down to just 69x59x31cm when completely collapsed.

As with any AMG products, there's plenty of options on offer to 'spec' your perfect stroller. A matching carry cot, climatic mattress, floor ventilation, and backpacks are all available at an extra premium, should you wish to go all-out on your baby's transportation.

The standard Avantgarde series has also been updated, receiving a colour-trimmed chassis with a unique decorative pattern, magnetic seatbelt systems, and double foldout sun visors. They also feature custom wheel designs, uprated suspension, and adjustable seats.

At a starting price of £1,129, the AMG stroller is not cheap. But, if you're a parent that wants everyone to know what you drive, then perhaps this may just be the perfect baby accessory for you!

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Comments (10)

  • Ah, I see why they released a roof box first.....because the boot is full with a pram!

      9 months ago
  • AMG has lost it's soul...

      9 months ago
  • This is equally awesome and depressing

      9 months ago
  • I mean isn't it something that they are doing with their cars too putting the AMG badge on everything...

      9 months ago
  • Well, considering how miserably shaped and sized the boot of some modern Mercs are this will indeed prove to be useful for owners.

      9 months ago