Now's Your Chance To Buy The World's First Rotary Powered Sports Car

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3y ago

The Mazda Cosmo was the first car to be powered by a wankle rotary engine and ushered in a new age for Mazda. The Cosmo was Mazda's first halo car and was built to showcase the future of Mazda sports cars. An example of the legendary Cosmo is now for sale on Bring A Trailer and it's just waiting for you to buy it and then invite me to drive it.

The Cosmo is a beautiful machine designed to look like a space ship thanks to Japan's fascination with the space race of the 1960s. This futuristic vehicle showcased Mazda's first application of the Wankel Rotary engine and their plans for Mazda car design.

Mazda saw the rotary as the future of transportation and had very high hopes for this novel technology. The first rotary engine was dubbed the 0810 and produced an optimistic 110 horsepower at 7,000rpm and 96 lb-ft of torque. This engine was actually used in the Cosmo's debut in the 84-hour Marathon de la Route race at the Nürburgring. The engine lasted almost the entirety of the race but the Cosmo racers were retired due to axel damage in the 82nd hour.

Since the rotary engine in the Cosmo has less than a liter of displacement, Japanese buyers were able to pay far less road tax. During this time period the rotary engine produced far more power than traditional engines all while helping owners save money.

Besides the novel engine the Cosmo for sale on Bring A Trailer has some stunning features. The thin wooden steering wheel and houndstooth interior speak to an era forgotten by time. This pure timeless design reminds us of an era when we looked to the future with hope.

All of the tiny details in the Cosmo are old yet delightfully simple. This is a true classic and a car forgotten by most collectors. When we think of incredible Japanese collectable from the 60s the Toyota 2000GT comes to mind and with those prices on the rise, the Cosmo is a bargain. Only 343 Cosmo were built and you can't afford to let this one slip away.

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  • First wankel-engined car? No. Not at all :)

    Wankel ... Pronounced more like Vankel. German name, curiously enough. German engine. ;)

    NSU used the Wankel engine before Mazda, but had some serious reliability issues, and dropped the project. Mazda saw potential, and kept the engine in development, after buying the rights to the engine from NSU :) I don't know if NSU was the first to use the Wankel, though :)

      3 years ago