Now's your chance to get a bargain Rolls Royce, but there's a catch

These cars usually cost twice as much as a nice family home, but now's your chance to get one for less than a big 4x4

Rolls-Royce were and are the ultimate cars on the luxury market, the pinnacle of every garage and collection with price tags to match. But if you are crafty and don't mind a little risk you might buy a nearly new RR for the price of a well specd luxury 4x4.

Turns out there are a few of these collectors crown jewels out on American site Copart which specialises in auctions of damaged cars for sale either for parts or to be repaired.

Now before you continue, please don't take this piece as advice or something you should do, it's a bit of silly fun exploring what's out there, fixing these cars might be easy and profitable but might also turn into a life ruining nightmare if you lack the skills and know how. So you've been warned.

2017 Roll Royce Ghost Sub $100k

First up we have what looks like a bargain of a century a year old RR Dawn with just 2344 miles on the clock with an estimated retail value of $375k which is currently bidding for just $61k. But as with any bargain, there is a catch, the car looks to have taken a heavy shunt, taking damage to the front, and the right side meaning a lot of body work needs to be replaced, what's worse airbags have deployed in the once immaculate interior.

Still, though it drives and runs meaning it could be easily repaired if you have the skills or money, one will likely have to substitute the other here.


This is a stunner from every angle, exterior design is both extravagant and stylish as is the interior and well the price tag. Copart estimates it's retail value at over $650,000 that's nearly as much as 3 new McLaren 720s if you were wondering. This one covered just 173 miles in it's 2 years of use.

As you can see from the images though it's not in great condition having been involved in a collision, it suffered damage to it's front and left categorizing it as salvage. The price tag is a little over our luxury 4x4 range though as the bid now reached $300k, but it just shows there is a genuine interest in those.

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  • Take the first and bring it to Gas Monkey. Fixing some body issues, get a new steering wheel, putting Air Ride suspension and steel wheels from Detroit... And enjoy something cool 👍

      2 years ago
  • If I bought it, I'd be on the phone to Tavarish

      2 years ago
  • Its times like these that I wish i knew how to do paint and bodywork.....

      2 years ago
  • Hoovies Garage and Samcrac

      2 years ago
  • Just rice out the drophead.

      2 years ago