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While many of you out there would prefer the NA1 NSX because of its pop up (or retractable in Japanese) headlights, I prefer the fixed headlight NA2 NSX.

I mean, it just looks so much sleeker! Anyways, back on topic. The NSX-R is my dream car and you cannot imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this beauty. Although I knew from the very beginning that this had to be a replica (because the NSX-R was never sold in the States and has yet to meet the 25 year rule), I was still incredibly excited to see such a beautiful NA2.

Missing R badging

As a replica, this NSX was done perfectly. Aside from the missing R badges and the red Honda badge, this recreation was spot on from the bonnet to the spoiler. It even has the titanium shift knob bespoke to the NSX-R (and Type R)!

Officially introduced as the NSX-R concept in 2001, the NSX-R was the true successor to the original Honda Type R of 1992 (although Honda dropped the "Type R" designation for the shorter "R").

The wheels are a bit off, but I'll give him a pass

First sold in May of 2002, the NSX-R utilized a C30A V6 VTEC engine producing an official "276bhp" (although actual power output may have been higher) pushing the car to 60 in just 4.9 seconds.

Although power output was not increased from the base NSX, the philosophy of the R is not based on power, rather lightness and handling.

The car featured carbon fibre spoiler and bonnet to help reduce weight.

Speaking of the bonnet, the NSX-R featured several aerodynamic upgrades over the base model and its predecessor, such as a new lip and diffuser. However, the most eye catching upgrade is the new scoop on the bonnet as shown above, giving the NSX-R great negative lift.

All these upgrades seem to work as the NSX-R was able to lap the Nurburgring in 7:56.73. Although this may not seem fast nowadays, this was a considerable feat in regards to its power class.

Now for those of you wishing to buy a real one of these gems, good luck because a nice example could fetch for upwards of $200,000 at auction.

Now for those of you with the financial ability to purchase one of these wonderful vehicles, there lies another problem, its rarity. With only 152 units produced, the NSX-R is the second rarest NSX variant (disregarding the NSX-R GT). However, there is still hope as NSX-R's do pop up at auctions every now and then. I have an acquaintance in Japan who has a mint condition NSX-R that is practically brand new. He has yet to show me the real deal yet, but I am hoping to sweet talk him into letting me ride it one day. :D

What do you think of the NSX-R? What do you think of this replica? Would you buy one? Comment your thoughts down below, and as always, thanks for reading!

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  • That has to be the coolest thing I've seen today.

    200,000 is a bit too much for me, so I'd rather have a standard NA2, then supercharge it.

    10 months ago
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