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Nuclear-Powered Cars

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Have you thought of driving a nuclear-powered car?

Wait, you want to say these are unfeasible? Wrong!

Nuclear engines exist not only in computer games (like Fallout with its Cryslus Corvega Atomic). Nuclear cars have been developed and tried in our world: check out Ford's concepts Atmos FX and Nucleon, Cadillac with thorium reactor and MaxFelaser technology, or Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro built with a thought of nuclear fusion.

One day, nuclear propulsion may drastically change your daily experience. The car will be heavy and slow. Its engine will become a matter of national security. But the car will also have very few parts, no range anxiety, and environmentally friendly run. Because emission-free.

Nuclear kinda "cars" continue cruising our solar system. Take, for instance, the Mars-exploring Curiosity Rover. It is fuelled by the Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator which works flawlessly in demanding climates.

Nuclear engines and power generators are being studied today by Laser Power Systems company, Idaho National Laboratory (MMRTP), and many others.


This video is a popular science author-narrated story about nuclear technologies and their lethal charm. The video is full of curious insights, interesting facts, science trivia, and uranium decay (joke).

Also, I ask for your forgiveness and understanding each time I mispronounce names, terms, and other tricky words.

This video is one of many from my "Introduction to Academic Driving" book. Consider having a look:


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