Numpty of the week award goes to...

1y ago


Top tip on how to spot an idiot - A lack of gloves is usually a telltale sign.

The second sign is pulling a wheelie at three figure speeds past oncoming cars, and overtaking cars whilst still on the back wheel. Yes, it undoubtedly takes skill and practice but the landing demonstrates how this can easily go wrong. Mr bare hands also appeared to be wheelying past plenty of driveways and entrances. He's not going to be troubling his pension plan if he keeps that up...

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  • Love your mono but for fuck sake put on riding gear, amazingly it’s called that for a reason, shall we rename it? Accident protection wear? Would that encourage all you Spanner’s out there wearing road wipes & pockets to hold ya wallet.. ahhh come on

    1 year ago
  • Idiot

    1 year ago


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