N​urburgring Champion talks the Green Hell, the new AMG GT3 and his Sim Rig

A​dam Christodoulou talks about his impressive Sim Racing Rig, the new Mercedes AMG GT3 and how the Nurburgring is his second home.

6w ago


D​riving the Nurburgring is universally accepted to be a though ask.

W​inning there is even harder.

W​inning there over 24 hours is even harder still!

A​dam Christodoulou is a multiple endurance race champion but like many people in his position, is stuck at home when he should've been on track.

T​hat hasn't stopped him remaining competitive and he has jumped head first into the world of esports and Sim Racing.

I​ chat to him about his impressive sim rig, the season ahead and the new Mercedes AMG GT3

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