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Nurburgring plus oil spill equals chaos and destruction derby

Another weekend and yet another oil spill at the Green Hell leads to a massive crash

4y ago

The Nurburgring showed the world again this weekend why it’s one of the world’s most dangerous race tracks during yesterday’s VLN race. A stricken Opel Manta appears to have been the root cause of the chaos after losing vital fluids while being towed through the foxhole.

Despite the best efforts of a maintenance truck to nullify the spillage by dropping a binding agent on the affected section of track, all hell broke loose as a Volkswagen Polo quickly lost control by ping-ponging between barriers before coming to rest nose-first in the barrier.

Within seconds a Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport rear ends an incoming Volkswagen Corrado at the entry to the corner which is followed by a second Porsche in the form of a 997 who promptly clips the barrier after losing control upon entry.

From here it’s all surprisingly un-chaotic as a multitude of racecars manoeuvre their way through the debris which looks likely to have caused a few punctures.

On any other track, this incident could have possibly made less of an impact. However, the Green Hell is not just a mere racetrack, and decides to be its usual formidable self by claiming yet more cars with the ensuing chaos that unfolded.

Thankfully none of the drivers involved was hurt in what can only be described as a bit of destruction derby chaos.

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