Nürburgring weekend 2018

2y ago

Just some pics of me driving the Nordschleife with the Black Bitch, my track-prepped Citroën C2 VTS, during one of our annual Ring weekends. New for this year is that the car is lightened by stripping the interior, replacing the OEM bonnet for a carbon fiber one and swapping the seats for light weight Sparco Evo 2's. The car also got a cooling upgrade by replacing the original radiator for a custom made one with 4 cooling rows, combined with a SPAL high-flow fan. Furthermore the timing of the cams was set a bit more agressively and the ECU got a new full remap to optimise it. The car performed great, doing up to 6 concecutive laps at a time without any issues and torque and throttle response were noticeably up. I'm a happy car guy! :)

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