2y ago


Everything about the 1970s was a bit crap, and I'm afraid that included the supercars. Drive one today and you'll wonder why we ever persevered with the idea. And I'm saying that as someone who now owns one.

On the other hand, 70s supercars look bloody brilliant, because this was a time when supercar designs were nothing more than artistic flourishes from the pencils of slightly possessed people. And the daddy of them all is this, the original Lamborghini LP400 Countach, before it got elephantiasis.

It still looks incredibly modern to my eye, possibly because the designer, Marcello Gandini, was clearly freed of such tedious considerations as whether or not people would be able to get in and out of it, or see anything, or any of the other things designers have to contend with these days. Fantastic, isn't it? I've gone faint with The Fizz.

This is the very early Periscopo version, so-called because of the unusual (and later dropped) roof-mounted periscope mirror - the reason for that distinctive 'tunnel' on the roof. It's for sale by Furlonger Specialist Cars in Kent, and they're not saying for how much, but expect it to be north of £1m.

That's a lot for a car but not a lot for top-end art, which is what this is. You should buy it.

(Thanks to Hassan at Furlonger cars for the use of their pix)