- Via Credit: HGV Dash Cam Footage / Credit: Y Evison

:O Check out this idiot!! Uninsured driver lost control after failing to merge!

Skip 20 Seconds - "An accident my other half had last year. It's now been to court and the dim woman failed to turn up to the driver awareness course she was supposed to attend. She tried beating my husband to the cones and clipped the front of his truck.

Uninsured, on a provisional licence and her 18 month old kid in a baby seat in the back not strapped in properly. He checked his mirrors and seen her in the lane behind him, next time he saw her, seconds later, this happened. Fortunately they were OK but my husband would have been arrested if he hadn't had a dash cam! This is what truck drivers have to put up with on a daily basis".

Credit: Y Evison

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Via: HGV Dash Cam Footage:

Dashcams: www.nextbase.co.uk

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Comments (83)
  • ban them all

    1 year ago
    • Can't ban them when they don't hold a license. Fine the tits off them so they're unable to even afford a car.

      1 year ago
  • Twerp stupid moronic and that's just the HGV driver, so a foolish woman is allowed to buy a car just as a cyclist van but a bike without any checks to see if they are insured licienced or even just plain competent yet the the same fool states that it is the HGV driver at fault a man who is fully trained insured and more than competent being demeaned by a dickhead cyclist . Please get fucking real.

    1 year ago


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