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O​con To Replace Grosjean At Haas Before Abu Dhabi?

12w ago


N​ote: This is a rumor coming from an F1 'insider'... on Reddit. (AKA, proceed with caution, and do not take this as gospel. I am reporting on a rumor, and nothing else)

2​012 may have been the worst season Romain Grosjean ever had. It was crash after crash, right up until he got a one race ban. But, after checking in with a psychologist, Grosjean learned from that season, and improved off of it.

H​owever, 2018 saw yet more of Grosjean binning it, and it appears that in 2018, Grosjean failed to recover, as the 2019 season has consisted of yet more contact between Grosjean, other drivers, and plenty of walls.

I​n Silverstone, Romain Grosjean even hit his own teammate, ruining the race, and it is believed that that is what put Steiner over the edge.

"​I can't keep making excuses for him," is what Steiner said last year following the French GP, and it appears that Steiner's swear-jar is running low, at Grosjean's expense.

A​nd according to an F1 'insider' on Reddit, Haas team boss Gunther Steiner has had enough. This is what the source had to say, “What I’m hearing is that after the British GP, [Guenther] Steiner was furious at the drivers, blew up at them (for obvious reasons) and phoned Gene Haas for permission to fire a driver, word in the paddock is that they are looking at Ocon to replace Grosjean. If possible, by the next Grand Prix. That’s all I can say for now. If this turns out to be correct, I’ll be back with more.”

T​he latter half of this has been denied by Haas, but they refused to comment on the future of Grosjean at the team, saying that they will keep him for Germany, but not denying a switch between the two French drivers in Ocon and Grosjean.

I​f he is to be believed, then Estaban Ocon is sitting rather comfortably right now, getting prepped to put on his Haas race suit, as most other drivers are currently taken, and Haas will likely want someone more reliable than a Formula 2 driver, or a driver with little F1 experience.

“We’re in a difficult enough situation trying to get the car back on track, and they’ve got the chance where it seems like our long runs are okay. Then they crash into each other at Turn 5, and that’s not acceptable," said Steiner, showing his anger

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