Of all of the things that I love in the world, for whatever reason, cars have risen to the top of that list. But as I prepare to move to the city of Chicago I must come to terms that having a car is simply a cost that I cannot bear. Maybe it won't cost that much? Well I was wrong. It's anywhere from $200 to $400 a month, which is a lot just to have a car if I wanted to drive the 9 hours home. So I will have to swallow my pride and accept that I'll have to rent a car if need be. I'll get over it.

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  • I lived there for a few years. Right there in lincoln park where this photo was taken. What you need is a car you can park on the street. You can get weekly permit passes if you live in the neighborhood. Its likely you will take the bus or train downtown as parking is really expensive. Still you will use the car for grocery shopping and other stuff. The parking pass trick is to get a nice eraseable pen. Erase the old time frame and write in the new one. Then you can use the same pass all year long. When you get there you will understand.

      3 years ago


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