Off the Beaten Path

Trail riding

There are lots of things I enjoy about Jeeps. Driving them. Working on them. Not working on them. Putting the top down on a warm summer day. But perhaps the most important is the places I have been able to see that you usaully can't drive a car too.

The photo above is from one of my favorite wheeling spots in TN. The trail to get there is not difficult, but it can take a bit of time but then you are rewarded with this wonderful view. In that moment as you sit on the rocks looking out over the hills and valley things seem to slow down and you just enjoy life a bit more.

Over the years I have gone on many off road trips to various states and enjoyed the trails. But in some cases the towns and roads I traveled I would have never found if it had not been for the very goal of going on the trail. So really in a way my quest to go off roading, has lead me to do some great on roading as well.

So where have your off road adventures taken you?

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  • Great fun to drive places that are difficult to WALK to, not to mention making life long friends!

      4 years ago